What on earth do prisoners of The Old Beechworth Gaol and delicious local food have in common? Well .....more than you probably think... 


Hi, I'm Sally Lynch. I have been running my catering business Taste Trekkers out of the old Beechworth Gaol kitchen for the last 2 or so years and have been fascinated with the stories of the food that the prisoners ate, grew, and the characters that graced the kitchen sinks.


Many think I am mad and can not believe that I would work in the kitchen late at night and on my own...."nah..doesn't worry me" I reply with bravado.


But in reality, I am probably telling a wee porky pie....most days it's all hunky-dory, but some days it does worry me. Very recently I had my first "tad weird" event. A girlfriend had arrived with a bottle of wine (the best kind of girlfriend) so I was grabbing a box of wine glasses off the shelf. The wine box flew out of my hands and over my head...I got flipped over and landed head first in the broken glasses. My friend, who was laughing her head of just said "WTF was that?"...we laughed and laughed... albeit a tad nervously... and drank the wine.....in large gulps.... and then got the hell out.


So this brings me to my new venture The Big House Cooking School. It is both a cooking school and a place of storytelling. I love that the Gaol kitchen was the heart and soul of the joint. Whoever ran the kitchen ran the Gaol...so to speak.


The Big House Cooking School offers the opportunity to come into the kitchen and see the parts of the original kitchen that still remain and the bits and bobs that are a constant reminder that this ol' girl had a huge past and many a story to tell. We don't know them all...but we know a lot and over time we gather more stories and more "weird events".


So book a group or just come along to one of our classes and hear the tales and taste the food ....with a thoroughly modern twist...drink our local wine, beer, and soft bevvies and while away an hour with us. Bon appetite!


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